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Evan’s Story

When Evan Sheldrake was 2, he was diagnosed as being severely autistic. His parents, Len and Denise, were told he would never speak or be able to learn complex tasks like riding a bicycle. When he was 12, the training wheels came off Evan’s bike -

Evan’s Ride for Autism 2016

The 8th annual Evan's Ride for Autism took place over the back roads of West Lincoln on May 29th, 2016! Check out some of the highlights!

5 Keys to Independence

Independence can be perceived as a huge concept and seem to be a very large goal to attain.  But truly, independence takes many shapes and forms - it can be small accomplishments that stand alone or a series of skills learned that add up to the ability to perform a very complex task.   The thread that runs through the development of all independent skills is becoming less dependent on others.  This has added benefits of improving self-esteem, lessening risk for depression and adding to a person's quality of life. Five keys to developing greater independence: Develop expectations from an early age.  Even very small tasks done with mom or dad, ...