Autism Community is pleased to offer programs to support individuals and families living with the challenges of ASD in Niagara.  Facing Your Fears teaches anxiety management skills to children with ASD and their parents.  My Life as an EPIC WIN teaches life planning skills to teens and young adults with ASD to help them transition successfully to adulthood.  The Holiday Shopping Day provides a safe and sensory-controlled environment for children with autism to select gifts for their loved ones.

Facing Your Fears

Do you have a child with autism who struggles with anxiety?

Facing Your Fears is a 14-week, family-focused program for children with high-functioning autism who need help learning to manage their anxieties and fears.

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My Life as an EPIC WIN: Transition to Adulthood Program

Do you ever wonder what you’ll do as an adult? Should you go to college or university? Will you get your own apartment? What kind of job or career do you want? Will you make new friends?

If you are a teen or young adult (17-23 years old) with Aspergers or High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder, this may be the program for you!

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Holiday Shopping Day

Crowded malls, blaring music and bright displays can take their toll on many holiday shoppers, but for many children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), the simple experience of buying gifts for their loved ones, can be overwhelming.  Holiday Shopping Day allows children with ASD to share in the joy of selecting gifts for their family (and their family the joy of receiving them) in a safe and sensory-sensitive environment.

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